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Do you know the value of each dial, reached propsect, and appointment set?

Do you know each of your producers closing ratio and average case size?

With eScoreBoard all of this and more is at your finger-tips 24/7.

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These demos are designed for managers and producers who are starting at a new firm/agency that uses The SAM System and eScoreBoard. The weekly demo will alternate between a producer-focus and a manager-focus.
  1. Login to eScoreBoard (look left)
  2. Find the "Training Resources" Section of the Dashboard and click on the demo link.
  3. Next select the appropriate demo that is right for you (we have manager and producers demos)
Additional Support
To schedule a dedicated training session for your whole team, please contact your National Account Manager, Integration Manager or contact us at 800-254-4726 or help@escoreboard.com

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